05 March 2019

1) Which particular Soloviere style initially caught your attention?

My first pair of Soloviere shoes were the Belgian loafers which I thought looked amazing. When I looked further into the brand, I found the Jim pinch sneakers and thought they were one of the most unique shoes I've seen. I loved the elegance it brought to a sneaker while also being unique and true to its roots.

2) What do you think differentiates Soloviere from others? What surprised you about Soloviere?

I think that creating something from one piece of leather is a very one-of-a-kind thing. It's very unique. I was surprised and happy to find out that the brand was unisex, and that a lot of the sneakers and loafers create perfect silhouettes for both men and women.

3) Soloviere is celebrating its fifth anniversary this year. Do you have a golden advise for us?

I would say while I do not own a brand, as a person who admires the work and details at Soloviere the most important thing I would do is stay close to your roots and create something that will be iconic and last a lifetime.

4) What is your opinion on genderless fashion: does it have a future?

I 150% think genderless fashion has a future. Fashion should not have a boundary, whether it be clothes or shoes or whatever else you can think of. As a man, I am not afraid to wear women's clothing, especially if it fits me nicely and 98% of the time no one can tell the difference anyways. Its great to see a brand like Soloviere pushing that boundary!

5) What does Soloviere capture about style today?

I think Soloviere captures the quintessential aspect of fashion - its boundless and raw. Its captures the modern man of today, conscious of his style and recognizing fashion does not have to be bound by the norms society puts on everyone. I think it draws in the kind of man who is driven to be best version of himself and attentive to the details.